Marine Sharpshooter

Marine Sharpshooter 1.1

Take down the targets in this thrilling sniper game


  • Selection of sniper rifles
  • Good graphics and sounds
  • Simple control system


  • Gameplay gets quite repetitive

Very good

Reckon you've got a steady hand? Well you're about to find out if you install Marine Sharpshooter on your iPhone.

This popular game sees you assume the role of a sniper who is part of an elite American military force. Your objective is to abate a global war of terror by going in behind enemy lines and taking down terrorists from a distance. The missions in Marine Sharpshooter span a number of hostile scenarios from desert outposts to full-scale military bases.

There are two game modes in Marine Sharpshooter: Story mode and Arcade mode, although it's difficult to see any real difference between the two. You are thrown into an area where you must complete a number of objectives to pass the mission. Each objective essentially consists of shooting baddies with a sniper rival, with the number of terrorists and their intelligence varying between stages.

The shooting controls are pretty intuitive and don't take long to get used to. You guide your sight around the screen using your finger and hit the trigger button to fire. This doesn't mean that Marine Sharpshooter is easy, though. The fact that your gun sight constantly shakes and your enemies don't stand still makes the game quite challenging. Marine Sharpshooter is well presented, with rich graphics and atmospheric sound effects.

Marine Sharpshooter does tend to get a bit repetitive after a while. Sure, the terrain changes but the gameplay never veers away from pointing at a buddy and pulling the trigger. There are a variety of different guns to choose from though, so I guess this can add a bit of variety to the proceedings.

If you like sniper games, you'll find Marine Sharpshooter to be one of the best of its kind on the iPhone platform.

Marine Sharpshooter


Marine Sharpshooter 1.1

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